As an avid road cyclist I have, for years, worn a bracelet with emergency information in case something happened to me while riding.  On it, is my name, date of birth, blood type, medical conditions, drug allergies and two points of contact with phone numbers.  It is six lines total.

While a smart phone can serve the same purpose, it’s not always possible to fit every application.  For example, small children in a theme park could become lost or, an elderly dementia patient who wanders from the home.  A smart phone would not be relevant in these scenarios but a washable tattoo would be.  The objective is identification, information and action.  First responders are much more effective if they can respond and make decisions quickly as opposed to fumbling around with a cell phone trying to access information.

There are many vendors on the market but the ones we like are ROAD ID and Safety Tat.  Both have a long history in the market and offer many options and designs for your particular needs.  The point is to be “boy/girl scout ready” before you need to be.