Now that the new administration has rolled out the American Healthcare Act what’s next is anyone’s guess.  What’s clear, is that change is coming and many of us need to pay attention. What happens from here will impact individual and group employee plans in some fashion; we all need to be as proactive as possible.  Here are a few pointers to keep at the forefront:

  1.  Take an overall assessment of your current health status.  How are you externally and internally?  Will you need baseline tests or screening in the   next year or so?   What medicines are you currently taking?  Can lifestyle changes eliminate some of them?  Ask the same about every covered life in your family.
  1.  Next read, read and re-read your plan.  Know it inside and out as best you can.  Know your deductible, out of network costs, co-insurances and covered versus non-covered procedures.  Not all surprises are fun ones.
  1.  Budget yourself monthly either putting money away or using Health Savings Accounts.
  1.  Following a health event have your bills audited – up to 80% can have an error and 1 in 3 claims are processed correctly. Don’t assume.
  1.  Stay out of Emergency Rooms; Use Urgent Care instead.
  1.  Keep posted on changes. They are coming.
  1.  Stay as healthy as you and your family can so you don’t become a healthcare customer.