Advocacy comes in many forms but at its base, it is about having a voice and leveling the playing field.  When do you know you need one; before, during or following a health event?

As a Health Advocate company, our youngest client has been 3-days old and our oldest 102.  In every case over our 18-year history, it has been the same issues: removing obstacles that are impeding care outcomes; accessing/managing needed resources; and, controlling skyrocketing costs.

Advocacy gives you access to professionals with far more knowledge and experience than what you would otherwise have outside of your clinical team.  Our experience is gained not only from academia but also professional experience by just being in the trenches.  Our ability to be collaborative and not adversarial goes a long way in accomplishing your goals.

If you are facing a life changing health event, chronic disease, traumatic injury, sudden disease on-set or just need a voice on your side, consider a consultation with an experienced patient advocate as part of your health team.  Their eyes and ears are always on you and your goals and objectives.