Access to a Health Advocate can help employees regain the balance they need to live a healthy life and be more effective on the job. It puts professional support in the hands of employees quickly, conveniently and with minimal cost to them. The goal is to help them resolve their problems early on—before they get worse and the associated costs go up.

When employees are dealing with problems, they have a hard time focusing at work. In fact, according to a study by the National Mental Health Association, “presenteeism” —showing up for work but being less productive—costs more than $200 billion annually in the United States. Additionally, 80% of all caregiving provided to older adults is provided by family members; 64% of which are employed. It is also estimated that 12 million elders will require care by 2020. The value of the services family caregivers provides for “free” is estimated to be $257 billion a year. Who are they? Your employees.

Managing caregiving resources is just one aspect of the benefit of having access to a Health Advocate. Resolving medical bill problems, insurance issues, finding aid and assistance, managing chronic illness, navigating thru sudden disease or traumatic injury and helping loved one’s transition thru age in place alternatives are just some of the services. Having 24/7 access to professionals that provide those services is the benefit.

In any health event, having access to a Health Advocate ensures the removal of barriers that impede care outcomes; ensures access to needed resources; and, goes a long way in containing your employee benefit costs.