Recently, two of our long-time clients whom we Care Managed passed away.  One was very well planned upon her death, the other not so.  Yes, they both had their wills and other legacy papers but, the contents of their estates were not as well planned.

There are few things more unpleasant than disposing a loved one’s “things” upon their death.  Children and spouses often have the “deer in the headlights” look when trying to decide how to best manage the dispersal of the estate if it has not been pre-planned.  We’ve seen massive donations to big box charities, on-site auctioneers and, outright sale to estate liquidators.  With some pre-planning it’s less overwhelming.

One of our partners, Leann Moore, Senior Move Manager and owner of A Stress-Less Transition, LLC, recommends having a plan.  Some recommendations:


  • Build a spreadsheet of items that you would like your heirs to have. If there are multiple heirs, make sure everyone is counted and included on the spreadsheet.  Start assigning items to those who you’d like to include.  Keep going until your items are accounted for.
  • Types of items that generate interest in today’s estate market are: guns, coins, gold, weathered advertising items, costume jewelry, nautical and military items and better-named china, crystal and sterling silver.
  • A great way to help is to share items with others as opposed to big box charities. Domestic abuse shelters, drug addiction facilities, animal rescues, low income housing/assisted living facilities are always in need of things like toiletries, household cleaners, and paper goods.
  • Supplies such as bandages or incontinent products can be donated to low income housing/assisted living facilities.
  • Almost all hospitals have drop off containers for unused medications or, you can drop off at your local police department.
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers – ( is a great resource to help you plan and find help in your area.