My Care Advocates membership program gives consumers 24/7 access to a personal health advocate by offering free and discounted services.

Putnam Health Advocates announced today that they have rolled out a consumer membership program built around an annual fee that offers free and discounted health advocacy services.

My Care Advocates puts professional support in the hands of consumers quickly, conveniently and with a manageable cost to them. The goal is to help them resolve their problems early on, before they get worse.

“Let’s face it, healthcare costs are skyrocketing, the gaps in care are growing, the population is aging and technology is constantly changing. Unless you have someone to help you navigate it, your journey can be exhausting, confusing and costly”, says Anna Inglett, CEO.

“At Putnam Health Advocates, we do three things exceptionally well; we remove barriers that impede access to care; coordinate, collaborate and manage needed resources; and, we contain the costs of care. Our services and solutions are focused on billing and insurance issues, care management, elder care, aid and assistance, provider communication, cancer care navigation; complex case management issues, Telehealth and, much more. Offering this program ensures consumers a rapid response to problems and issues that need solutions before they become bigger.” Download the App, Putnam Health Advocates for a savings coupon or, visit to learn more.

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