My Health Plan

Besides your policy premium, deductible and co-insurance requirement’s, do you know what your true and accurate cost of care will be for the year? We do!


Our service, My Health Plan, was developed to help plan out your anticipated healthcare usage and costs for the year. With our strategic formulas, we can develop a financial model that becomes an accurate guide to helping you manage your cost of care.

Utilizing current regional ICD-10/CPT Coding for anticipated procedures and auditing back to your insurance plan reimbursement parameters, we provide you with a comprehensive report to manage your care costs.


Health insurance is just one part of your overall health plan.

Your plan should also include your living will, healthcare surrogate and durable power of attorney for decisions, if you are incapacitated.


  • Do you understand what health insurance options are available to you?
  • Do you know which plan is best suited for you in your lifestyle today and in the future?
  • Do you have enough insurance to cover your health needs?
  • Do you need long-term care insurance?


With access to industry healthcare experts, you can find out what options are available for and obtain the right health insurance plan for you now and in the future.

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