Medical Bill Review & Audit

Approximately 80% of medical bills have been estimated to contain errors. Did yours?

Common errors consists of: overcharges, duplication’s and repeats, length of stay, time in the OR, up coding and down coding, keystroke mistakes, canceled services, unbundling of codes, lack of authorization or pre-certifications, just to name a few.

Most consumers will spend more time reviewing a grocery bill before they will a medical bill. Besides, all of the knowledge is on the provider side not yours.

This is where we come in.

Our sole purpose is to level the playing field and give you a knowledgeable voice.

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What We Do

Our Nurse Auditors review and audit your medical bills for errors including overcharges, unbundling, duplicate charges, incorrect diagnoses, billed but undocumented charges and other areas related to generating a correct insurance bill. After our medical bill audit is complete, we become the liaison with you, your insurance company and your provider, working together to ensure you only pay for what you truly owe and the services you received.

Since 1999, we have saved consumers $4 billion in healthcare costs due to errors and inefficiencies. When you are trying to heal, you don’t need obstacles that cause you additional pain and stress. Our job is to remove them.