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Healthcare reform offers many choices and programs to help you with your medical bills and prescriptions. But, how do you find them and what are the qualifications?  State and federal Medicaid rules have changed and so have some disability eligibility parameters.

Regarding prescriptions and drug therapies, manufacturers are bringing new products to the market consistently and clinical trials drive their ability to do so.  With FDA required research and trials, opportunity exists for consumers to be a part of this process and have much of their care paid for. Our Health Advocates stay on top of trending and emerging therapies to help our clients stay informed and involved.

The VA has new programs and benefits but they are not easy to find and navigate. With the draw down of our troops, there is a tremendous backlog of applications. Make a mistake on an application and you may have to start all over again. Criteria must be met for the popular Aid and Attendance programs and others. We can help you determine your eligibility and apply for these benefits.

There are many programs that offer assistance under many situations.  But, finding assistance and applying for it properly can be an arduous task; let our Advocates help you with the process.

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