Putnam 2An experienced Geriatric Care Manager is worth more than their weight in gold if you or a loved one, need a second set of professional ears and eyes.

Highly trained and skilled in working with the Elder Community, Geriatric Care Managers are tasked with identifying, assessing and developing planning strategy that help their clients attain their goals throughout their healthcare journey.

So what are the benefits of having one at your side?

1. Actively and pro-actively manage and remove barriers that impede care outcomes. An experienced Care Manager will stay in the present but will always have an eye towards the future. They anticipate and plan for challenges before they occur so that any potential obstacles are removed.

2. Access to and coordination of resources. Care Managers are engaged in the local healthcare landscape that includes physicians, hospitals, assisted living communities, long-term care/skilled rehabilitation as well as local support services. Care planning requires objective collaboration with other providers to accomplish the clients’ goals.

3. Contain costs. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and there is no end in sight. Care Managers know this and continually monitor and audit those costs for their clients. They are also adept at developing projected cost models for ALF or Long Term Care as well as finding funding sources.

The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, now known as Aging Lifecare is the organization from which certification is granted to those Care Managers exhibiting the required education and professional work experience.