Corporate Wellness Program

Implementing or expanding a wellness programs offers employees an opportunity to not only improve their health, but also control their healthcare costs.

Whatever the size of your company, there are significant benefits to involving your employees in a wellness program.

There are several key principles to a successful corporate wellness program:

Be the example:  As the leader of your organization, you need to create a corporate culture of buy-in and acceptance. Establish the mind set with your senior leadership and develop a culture of health, top to bottom.

Keep it simple: You want to keep employees involved, so keep them informed and keep exercise choices easy.

Understand your employees: Find out what employees likes and dislikes are. Include them in your planning and be cognizant of different cultures and life-styles that exist.

Get behind it:  Make information accessible and promote it at every opportunity.

Personalize it: Support personalized goals and reward achievements.

Keep it fresh: Change your program up from time-to-time to keep employees motivated.

Our Wellness Advocates can help you design a program that encompasses the principles above and help you create excitement and motivation from your employees.

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