As employee coverage and healthcare costs increase, the industry’s complexity does too.

The Putnam Health Advocates Employee Advocacy Services (EAS) program compliments your existing benefits plan by giving your employees and their covered family members access to their own health advocate.

Benefits of Health Advocacy include:

  • Reduces employee down
  • Diminishes lost productivity
  • Keeps employees healthy and more productive
  • Employee support and access to resources during health events
  • More efficient turnaround time during treatment
  • Leverage and maximize health care dollars

You may have young and healthy employees, but what about their families and loved ones?

Employees who use valuable work time to take care of family health problems, provide caregiving duties and other activities cost U.S. Businesses $33 billion per year in lost productivity.

Our Health Advocate Support Team is available 24/7 to effectively guide and help your employee’s with:

  • Benefits & Claim Questions
  • Reviewing Medical Bills
  • Wellness Programs
  • Diagnosis Research
  • Prescription Pricing Evaluation
  • Resolving Insurance Payment Issues
  • Aid & Assistance for Needed Services
  • Provider Communication
  • Care Management
  • Disease Management Education
  • Attorney & Provider Referrals
  • Cancer Care Navigation Services
  • Long-Term Care Research
  • Assisted Living Coordination
  • FMLA Resource Management

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The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rules and the burden on HR personnel increase the costs on employers.

Additionally, in many households women are considered the Chief Wellness Officer of their family and are most often called upon to manage the family health issues. These issues can often be taken care of quickly if the right resources are available to your organization.

Health Advocacy comes in many forms, including medical bill review and audit, insurance denials and appeals, case management, caregiver facilitation and more. Not only does our Employee Advocacy Services provide virtual resource support for employee family health matters, our partnerships with some of the leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers offers additional services in behavioral and mental health matters.

Adopting a measurable and sustainable Wellness Program will help promote health and wellness for your employees and reduce your company’s healthcare costs.