I am okay with saying that this year I will reach the big SIX OH.  I find comfort in knowing that many of my friends and my twin brother will all experience it, too; 1957 was a great year.

If you are a baby boomer, born between 1945 and 1965, get tested for HEP C today!   The reason being is that we are 5 times more likely than any other age groups to have HEP C.  Consider the following from the CDC:

3.5 million in the US have HEP C. About half don’t know that they do.

Many baby boomers have been infected for 20 years or more, yet have no symptoms. 

Each year, more people die from HEP C than HIV. 

HEP C isn’t part of routine blood work.  Ask for it! Most insurance companies will cover a 1x test 

Get tested to know for sure. If you have HEP C, it can be cured.

Finally, talk to your doctor about what other tests you may need to get; HPV, HIV to name a few.  It’s not necessarily what we do now; it’s what we did then.