Recently, I accompanied one of our clients to the Byrd Institute for Alzheimer’s Research here in Tampa, FL. It is a world-renowned facility attached to the University of South Florida. First class service and exceptional clinicians. After two visits, I came away with some insights that might be helpful to you. But first, a statistic or two to get started:

a. Alzheimer’s currently afflicts 5.7 million Americans. That number is expected to increase to beyond 8 million by 2025 as baby boomers age. By 2050, the figure is expected to triple.

b. The cost of providing care for patients with Alzheimer’s (much of it shouldered by Medicare and Medicaid) is projected at $277 billion for 2018 and will increase year to year.

What can you do to put yourself in the best position to not become a patient?

1. Stay on top of your health year to year. There are many reasons, besides Alzheimer’s that cause memory loss. Hypothyroidism, B-12 deficiencies, diabetes, toxic drug reactions and vascular diseases/blockage are just a few. Make sure you and your physician check these annually. Discuss with your physician if taking a baby aspirin will help you. Studies show it has many benefits.             
2. Consider a Brain Supplement – Brain Health by GNC and Nootropics are smart drugs, supplements and compounds that improve cognitive function. Always do your research and discuss with your doctor.              
3. Finally, like your body, your brain needs exercise. I’m not talking video games either. Rather, exercises that really challenge your brain to keep it sharp and free from atrophy. I’ve tried many but the absolute best one thus far, is Brain HQ. It’s challenging and is focused on 6 areas of exercise:

1. Attention                                                 
2. Brain Speed                                                  
3. Memory                                                  
4. People Skills                                                  
5. Intelligence                                                 
6. Navigation

There are free trials, along with affordable and monthly subscription plans. Web and APP based;

Anna Inglett
Putnam Health Advocates