Healthcare Advocacy for Individuals

for Individuals

Our award winning services are designed to help our clients maximize their healthcare journey by removing obstacles that impact care outcomes, remove barriers to needed resources and contain costs. Read More About Putnam Healtcare Advocates Services

Healthcare Advocacy for Employers

for Employers

Putnam’s Employee Advocacy Services (EAS) program compliments your existing benefits plan by giving your employees and their covered family members access to their own health advocate.
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Attorney Healtcare Advocates

My Care Advocates

Putnam Health Advocates offers a membership based program that offers free and discounted Health Advocacy services.

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Advocacy for Providers

for Providers

Our Provider Advocacy Services solutions helps providers solve problems earlier in the “patient experience” process that could negate positive outcomes, including those tied to bottom-line business health. Read More About Putnam Healtcare Advocates Services

Healthcare Advocacy for Payers

for Payers

Throughout the implementation and roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, self-funded groups have been largely exempt from many of the mandates. New consumers coming on to insurance rolls still need costs to be managed. Read More About Putnam Healtcare Advocates Services

Rave Reviews

Patient Stories

Read about how Putnam Health Advocates helped people in need as they experienced diseases, insurance problems and other trauma, while facing the ever increasing and complex challenges of the healthcare system.Read More About Putnam Healtcare Advocates Services

Your Peace of Mind

At Putnam Health Advocates we understand that dealing with Healthcare problems is often a series of unwanted interruptions in your daily routine, family, finances, future plans and your life overall.

The last thing anyone needs when struggling with health concerns is the complexity of a medical and insurance bureaucracy.

Our team of experienced professionals includes caring nurses, medical billing/coding experts, insurance and benefits specialists, and care & case managers bring order, simplicity and structure to the overwhelming healthcare challenges that you face.

Having Putnam Health Advocate by your side ensures you have the peace of mind and comfort of knowing our caring and knowledgeable team will be there with you every step of the way.

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Putnam Healthcare Advocates Cares

Rave Reviews

98% of our clients would use us again and 100% would refer us. Now that is impressive! Our clients mean everything to us and we are so fortunate to have been asked to help them through their healthcare journey.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get needed surgery when I had no insurance. I appreciate you getting everybody on the same page to work with me and not against me. Hopefully, I will be a Mom soon!” Terri S., Mobile, AL

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