Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases account for much of the rising costs of health insurance.

Management and prevention of chronic conditions are essential to improve outcomes, decrease hospitalizations and manage costs of your insured.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach which includes community wide and systematic resources, our patient advocates assist patients in empowering and promoting self-management to address their illness or condition.

Our goal is to help patients maximize current clinical effectiveness, regardless of treatment setting or modality.

Chronic disease prevention and management encompasses a system of consistent interventions that are designed to prevent or manage one or more chronic health conditions.

Our Case Managers and Advocate Nurses (RN) can accompany your insured to scheduled healthcare appointments with the provider. The nurse will be responsible for relaying current prescriptions, known drug allergies, past surgical history and other pertinent data to ensure the continuum of care is consistent across providers.

Our personal, non-clinical cancer navigation services is provided by Oncology Certified Registered Nurses to help manage treatment costs, coordinate with providers, help patients understand treatment modalities and research alternatives.

All services are based on the gold measurement standard in cancer treatment, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

One in four will be diagnosed with cancer or be affected by it; Our Nurse and Health Advocates can help them with the journey.

Lack of awareness about diabetes, combined with insufficient access to health services can lead to complications such as blindness and amputation.

To help clients maintain proper nutrition and blood glucose levels, we have a suite of tools that support compliance with treatment protocols.

Our tools include tele-health technology, med alert systems, medication reminder systems and home care services to help your patients maintain proper nutrition, manage blood glucose and create organized daily habits for their health.

Coronary heart disease costs the U.S. $108.9 billion each year in terms of  health care services, medications, and lost productivity.

Putnam Health Advocates offers services to educate clients about lifestyle changes after a heart disease diagnosis. We help your clients understand their benefits, utilize hospital education and support group opportunities. Our Patient advocates can offer information on medications, procedures and hospital costs for heart disease patients.

Most stroke victims will survive; many will be left with devastating and life-changing disabilities.

Putnam’s Health Advocates are trained to developed a life-care plan to help understand and plan for the cost of care; coordinate, interview and hire a home care service; manage all medical bills and insurance issues; research and obtain best pricing for needed healthcare supplies; coordinate with outpatient rehab therapists and the insurance provider for ongoing services; research and obtain prosthesis and negotiate pricing; obtain needed in-home mental health services and research technology to improve mobility.

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