Putnam Health Advocates Chooses Connect America For Tele-Health Platform

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Putnam Health Advocates chooses Connect America for Tele-Health Platform

Putnam Health Advocates announced today that they have entered into a partner agreement with Connect America to utilize their products as the foundation for their tele-health suite of services.

“We are excited to have selected Connect America as our provider of tele-health products. As more seniors opt to age in place, our Care Management teams now have additional tools to assist seniors with their healthcare goals and objectives. Additionally, our Discharge Management services for hospitals now incorporate tele-health strategies to manage hi-risk patients. With technology continuing to close the gap in the delivery of healthcare services, we continue to position ourselves as part of that process” says Anna Inglett, CEO of Putnam Health Advocates.

About Putnam Health Advocates:

Founded in 1999, the focus of Putnam Health Advocates is to bring order and structure to healthcare challenges by solving issues that are obstacles to improving the quality of care, accessing needed resources and containing costs.

Providing nationwide services in Patient Advocacy, Care Management and Wellness, Putnam’s market includes consumers, employers, providers and self-funded payers.

Putnam Health Advocates launches Re-Admission Management Strategy Service aptly called, READY!℠

For Immediate Release – June 29, 2016 

Tampa, FL – Putnam Health Advocates announced today the rollout of their Re-Admission Management Strategy or READY!℠ suite of services for hospitals and payers.

“Utilizing Population Health Management software to identify current and future at-risk patients and, deploying “boots on the ground” Care Management teams with access to Tele-health and Wellness technology, READY!℠ is designed to close the inherent gaps that prevent patients from achieving optimal outcomes pre and post discharge” says Anna Inglett, CCM – CEO of Putnam Health Advocates.

“We’ve worked very hard to bring the elements together under one umbrella to ensure that the patient is ready at discharge and has access to the tools and resources they need for continued success, post-discharge.  For hospitals, our reporting capabilities provide support of efforts at 30-60-90 days post-discharge; thereby, minimizing or eliminating reimbursement penalties from payers should the patient re-admit.”

About Putnam Health Advocates.  Offering services that focus on Patient Advocacy, Care Management and Wellness, our award winning services are designed to help our clients maximize their healthcare journey by removing obstacles that impact care outcomes, create access to needed resources and, contain costs.  Putnam offers nationwide services to the Consumer, Employer, Provider and Payer markets.

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