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Proactive Health Is Preventative Health

As I march to SIX O this month and, while I have always taken my health seriously, this birthday (and my goal of being a master athlete) has caused me to consider going beyond my annual screening and blood tests. This year, going back will move me forward. Most of the...

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Hep C – Your Past – Your Present

I am okay with saying that this year I will reach the big SIX OH.  I find comfort in knowing that many of my friends and my twin brother will all experience it, too; 1957 was a great year. If you are a baby boomer, born between 1945 and 1965, get tested for HEP C...

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Preventative Health Drives Down Costs

Recently, I was meeting with one of our business partners; we provide Employee Advocacy Services to their clients.  During the meeting we were reviewing the Population Health and Utilization Review numbers of the group’s performance; two groups of at least 250...

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What’s Next?

Now that the new administration has rolled out the American Healthcare Act what’s next is anyone’s guess.  What’s clear, is that change is coming and many of us need to pay attention. What happens from here will impact individual and group employee plans in some...

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Pick Your Battles Gently

I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s and I have countless patients who have been diagnosed as well.  Navigating thru this horrible disease takes a toll, mostly on the family and caregivers; there is a reason they call it “The Longest Good-bye.”  But, with some patience and...

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When To Hire A Patient Advocate

Advocacy comes in many forms but at its base, it is about having a voice and leveling the playing field.  When do you know you need one; before, during or following a health event? As a Health Advocate company, our youngest client has been 3-days old and our oldest...

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Advocating For Fido

Our pets are like our children, aren't they?  Across the board, we will spend upwards of $60 billion per year on grooming, boarding, medical, insurance, supplies, food, clothing, daycare and bling. When our pets start to age, we must be strong advocates for their...

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